BLACK Cyanoacrylate Glue 20g


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Out of stock - Made to order

Cyanoacrylate Geko is a special glue for modeling.
Dense viscosity version for plastic, metal etc. BLACK color.

High viscosity ethyl-cyanoacrylate based adhesive, loaded with black rubber (elastomer) to allow better flexibility and resistance to shocks and vibrations.
Suitable for bonding rubber and plastic materials to each other or to a metal support. The high viscosity allows to fill large gaps. The rather long hardening time, compared to normal cyanoacrylate glues, allows the positioning of the parts before fixing.

In case the polymerization speed should result
particularly slow, due to the low temperature or low ambient humidity, we recommend the use of our Spray Activator.

ATTENTION: the product tends to stratify when it remains stationary in the bottle (the elastomer separates from the glue). Problem that can be solved by simply shaking the bottle to remix the two components.

20 g pack with anti-clogging pin cap.
Made in Italy

  • Glue type: Cyanoacrylate
  • Quantity: 20g
  • Usage: Rubber, Metals, Plastic
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